Over the past few years, more and more of Chef Kyle's work has been writing copy for websites. Here are links to a few of his all-time favorites.

LexisNexis is the leading publisher of legal research and practice information on the planet. I was recently called on to write and edit ALL the copy for the LexisNexis Megasite, which I completed in a couple of months. This involved a great deal of research, as well as gaining an understanding of the needs of a highly sophisticated market. Not to mention a busload of actual content. I love a challenge!

LexisNexis was so pleased with my efforts on their Megasite that they commissioned me to write and edit all the copy for their online Corporate Counsel Center site as well.


Colorado.com - One of the nation's leading tourist websites. I researched and wrote and edited almost all of the content for this site - and did it all inside of three weeks with time to spare. That includes profiles of 150+ Colorado destinations, several dozen activities, and various and sundry other duties such as installing links to other pages and editing copy for the various interactive portions of the site. I love big projects like this!

ROCKY MOUNTAIN MOTORWORKS - As an inhouse Marketing Specialist, I wrote content for this site. They offer the world's largest inventory of Volkswagen parts. I also wrote and edited all their catalogs and space ads (check out my PRINT PORTFOLIO page).

Edventures - Chef Kyle has created mucho website content for this revolutionary new educational program. Edventures! combines advanced computer/telecommunications technology with old-fashioned hands-on learning to get today's students ready for tomorrow.

Stockart - Need really cool clipart? In a hurry? Then Stockart.com is the place to go! Chef Kyle was pleased to have such wonderful graphics to work with while writing copy for this award-winning site.

Bon Appetit!

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